Dr. Meter Digital Fishing Scale
Portable digital scale with metal hand strap, powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)
110lb/50kg capacity with 5g or 10g accuracy; LCD screen displays weight in g/kg/lb/oz
Built-in tape can measure objects in cm/in/ft within 1m length
TyhoTech Fishing Scale
Digital Fishing Scale - The Digital Fishing Scale with 110LB/50KG Capacity, Back-lit LCD Screen Displays Weight in LB, JIN, OZ, KG, Lock Weight Faster
Real Pocket Size - The Longest Side is Only 3.7 Inch, So Easy to Store in Home or Pocket
High Accuracy - It Provides Precise Measurements, Whose Accuracy is 5g or 10g Accuracy
FishFun Digital Fishing Scale
Comfortable to use - 3 inches rubber coated handle allows all your fingers fit comfortably through the handle
Authentic quality
Power saving - Improved power saving circuit together with stable working voltage to make the digital scale last for 120 hours at non-backlight condition; Switch off after 2 minutes of inactivity

Best fishing scales

When you go on a fishing trip, as a hobby I mean, your most burning desire is to catch the biggest fish. This is the ultimate goal of any fisher, which is why when it finally happens, you earn bragging rights. Now, if you break some kind of record, it is even better, but that rarely happens. At the end of the day, if you have a rare catch, you can count yourself lucky. However, bragging rights are earned after you prove that the fish you caught is one of the biggest or the longest. That is why you need a fishing scale. The photo you post on social media must also contain a picture of the fishing scale. You know how it goes. It does not exist if you do not take a photo and post it on Facebook.

Types of fishing scales

As you can imagine, fishing scales are not new. They have been around for quite some time now. However, as technology advanced, fishing scale became better. After all, technology affects every single aspect of our lives. Why would a fishing scale be any different? Leaving that aside, there are two primary types of fishing scales, and the difference between them is the mechanism for reading the weight. We will take a look at each of them below.

Spring-type fishing scales

The spring-type fishing scale is the most common, and I am sure you have heard of it. Its mechanism is quite straightforward. The central spring is connected to a hook or a clamp that you use to hold the fish. Gravity pulls the fish down, which stretches the spring. The indicator at the end of the spring moves along a line that reads several weights. The calibration is made in the factory, so you have nothing to set up or anything. So, you just hang the fish and get a reading. The reading itself is pretty accurate. People have been using this type for a very long time. Until digital fishing scales were invented. However, fishers use this type today as well. It is cheap and reliable. It also lasts longer than its digital counterpart.

Digital fishing scales

While the spring-type fishing scale is the ‘go to’ scale for a lot of fishermen, there is also the digital fishing scale. In a world of digital everything, of course there is a digital fishing scale as well. As one can expect, the weight reading mechanism is a whole lot different. This one uses a transducer called piezoelectricity, which is basically a charge produced by pressure on a crystal. Of course, not all kinds of crystals can achieve this purpose, which is why manufacturers use particular crystals that are sensitive to pressure, and they calibrate their products to the amount of charge generated by a range of measurable stresses.

The digital fishing scale also comes with a hook, and when you hang the fish by the hook, the weight of the fish interacts with gravity. That pressure affects the small crystal that is inside the sale, and as a result, the scale generates a readable charge. That charge is taken over by the transducer, and it is translated into a weight reading. Yes, the mechanism is a lot more complicated than the one of a spring-type scale, but the reading is more accurate. As you can imagine, digital fishing scales are more expensive as well. It is up to you to decide whether or not a higher level of accuracy is worth the extra cash.

How to select the best fishing scale

Since you have got to the point where you want to make a purchase, you need to know what you are looking at. There are some factors to be considered before you actually buy a scale, and you will find them below. However, before we get to that, another thing that may help you to make the right decision is to read fishing scales reviews online. Other fishermen who bought a particular product can tell you whether or not the said product is worth its cash. Now, here is what you need to look at:

  • Accuracy – there is nothing more important for you than the accuracy of the fishing scale you buy. While accuracy is crucial in manufacturing a scale, not all manufacturers do it right. If you fish as a hobby, the loss may not be significant, but if you do this for a living and the scale is not as accurate as it should be, you may lose revenue. The accuracy of a product is given by the margin of error. My opinion is that a fishing scale with a margin of error of more than 10 grams should not be taken into consideration.
  • Durability – fishing is not the most gentle environment. Especially when you are at sea. The marine environment is harsh on any device you may have, and salt water will have an impact on everything there is on your boat, which is why marine-grade tools came into existence. At the same time, weighing fish will put some strain on your scale, and it needs to handle that pressure. That is why you should go for a well-constructed scale so that you do not have to buy one every few months. While you cannot possibly figure that out just by looking at the scale online, you can check the reviews I was telling you about.
  • Display – this applies to digital fishing scales, but you still need to know in case you want one. The display needs to be easy to read, backlit if possible, and as large as possible. You need to choose between LED and LCD, but they are both more than satisfactory. The most important thing is for the screen to adapt to multiple light conditions.
  • Additional features – there are so many fishing scales out there that your head will spin. That is why manufacturers compete to add more features. Some of them are gimmicks that are of no real help. However, there are others that prove to be most useful. For example, some models have a tare function so that you can record both gross and net weights. Auto shut-off will prevent the batteries from dying faster. Also, some fishing scales comes with a measuring tape, which again, can be useful. The more, the merrier. Just do not spend your money on things you do not need.

What are the best fishing scales?

Since you now have all the information you need, you should be able to select the best fishing scale you can afford. Now, you have some filtering to do because, as I said, there are more scales than you could count, but at least you have options. In the meantime, take a look a the products below. Maybe you find something that you like. It could certainly make your task easier.

Dr. Meter Digital Fishing Scale

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While this product is designed for multiple fields of activity, you can use it for fishing. It is a reliable and efficient scale that you will find most useful. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, which I am happy to report that are included in the price, but they will last for an extended period of time.

The scale from Dr. Meter comes with a metal hand strap so that you can hook it anywhere. That way, it will not break. Rest assured that the handle can even sustain the weight of the fish without having to fear that it will crack under pressure. The maximum capacity of this scale is 110 pounds or 50 kg. The accuracy is pretty good. It is not more than 10 grams, which should not affect you in any way. The LCD screen can display the weight in multiple units such as grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces.

One of the features I think you will like about this product is that it has a built-in tape measure that displays units like centimeters, inches, and feet. However, the maximum length of the tape measure is 1 meter. So, if you catch a big fish, you can brag about both the weight and the length. The weighing unit switch is convenient to use. The scale features a data lock and an auto shut-off function for prolonged battery life. The hook is made from durable stainless steel and is concealed in the back slot.

TyhoTech Fishing Scale

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The TyhoTeck fishing scale is another digital device that will prove to be most useful on every boat. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 110 pounds or 50 kg, it features an LCD screen, and displays the reading in pounds, ounces, kilograms, and in jins. Jin is a Chinese unit of measure and is the equivalent of 1.3 pounds. If you use jins, you can go for this model because not many fishing scales use that unit of measure.

This fishing scale has a compact design, it fits right in your pocket. It is only 3.7 inches long. It comes with a convenient carrying case for safe storage. The accuracy is 5 g or 10 g, which again, it is pretty good. Just as the previous product, the TyhoTeck fishing scale comes with a tape measure as well. It measures objects in centimeters and feet, but only within 1 meter/3 feet in length. It is similar to the Dr. Meter model.

As for the rest of the features, this scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries, but this time they are not included. You have a Tare function, as well as an auto turn-off after 2 minutes of no use for battery life preservation.

FishFun Digital Fishing Scale

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Last but not least, the fishing scale from FishFun may be another product that piques your interest. It is a convenient to use scale that has a rubber coated handle. Your fingers will be comfortable while you weigh your fish. The quality is pretty good. The scale features an 8mm thick aluminum alloy for a sensor for accurate and consistent measurements. The maximum weighing capacity is 110 pounds or 50 kg, and the accuracy is 5g and 10 g.

The individual vertical metal force-bearing structure and the 4mm highly durable stainless steel hook can bear up to 50 kg as a safe weight. The overall construction is durable, and even the battery storage cove is screwed in place so that you do not have to worry about dropping and losing the batteries.

The FishFun fishing has a large backlit LCD display. The weight is displayed both in metric and imperial. The device uses 3 AAA batteries which will last 120 hours in the non-backlit state. However, the auto shut-off feature will preserve some of that energy. The unit will also remember the unit you chose last time, and the data hold function can be switched on or off as you please. The FishFun fishing scale comes with a 1m tape measure as well.

My recommendation

While I think that all scales can provide you with what you need, if I had to choose, I would go with the Dr. Meter Digital Fishing Scale. It is compact, efficient, and reliable. In my mind, you do not need anything else in a fishing scale. That is why I believe this product is one of the best fishing scales you can find in this price range.


Whether it is your job or a simple hobby, a fisherman needs a fishing scale. That is how you can quantify your pray, so to speak. That is why you need to invest in the best fishing scale. Your revenue can rely on it, and in some cases, your pride. I think that one of the products above will satisfy you. In any case, at least you do not have to fish a fishing scale in this big sea we call the internet. I am sure that no matter which one you decide to purchase, your choice will be the right one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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